Dear guys and gals,

I decided to move my website for moddable vehicle games like Test Drive Unlimited or Euro Truck Simulator from the CMS Joomla to a real gallery system Imagevue X3. I had in mind to focus on pictures and movies, but a mod listing also needs a lot of simple data and standard picture styles to make a comparison easier.

Some things with this gallery software are better, some are not so good. On one hand many things can be managed automatically, on the other hand, there is often much delay, when inserting data. Good is also the lifetime license.

The hard thing with the gallery software is, that is it not made for so much hard coding works, like I need, when listing mods and their details. But the structure is very flexible to offer a usable menu, for example.

Thought I wish you fun, exploring this new kind of mod directory :-)
The old website you can find here.

MagicV8 / Coco